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What is it?

Alarm Pup is a countdown timer that barks. It's tool that's meant to remind you to take frequent breaks throughout the day.

  • Tiny: it's just a timer with a wagging dog.
  • Lean: it's light on resources so it won't bog down your computer.
  • Private: no ads, tracking, or analytics.

Useful Tips

1️⃣ Installing

Make sure to install Alarm Pup through the itch.io app so that:

  • You get updates automatically.
  • You don't get a scary warning from Windows when running the app.

2️⃣ Start Menu Shortcut

You can always launch Alarm Pup through the itch.io app, but having it in the Start Menu can be more convenient-er. In the itch.io app, simply click on the “Add to Start Menu” button when launching Alarm Pup.

Note: If you have the itch.io sandbox enabled, this option won't work. You'll have to disable the sandbox temporarily, click “Add to Start Menu,” then enable the sandbox again.


Open Source

You can find the source code on Sourcehut.


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Alarm Pup for Windows (64-bit) 4 MB
Version 3
Alarm Pup for Windows (32-bit) 3 MB
Version 3

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